Monday, 8 April 2013

Review: Orly Nailtrition

At the moment, I am over halfway through doing a Level 2 Beauty course, where amongst other treatments we practice doing manicures quite a lot. As a result my nails have suffered. They have become weaker and even shorter than they were before!

So my mum bought Orly Nailtrition for us to try!

Orly Nailtrition is a two week treatment. In the first week, put one to two coats of Orly Nailtrition on each nail, then each day after add another one to two coats, for the whole week. At the end of week one remove all of the Orly Nailtrition. Then repeat the process for a second week!

The Orly Nailtrition two week treatment can be repeated over and over until the desired effect is achieved, however it is recommended that a week should be left between each treatment.

Prior to applying the Orly Nailtrition, I gave my nails a mini manicure, where I :

Filed my nails into a round / oval shape
Applied cuticle massage cream, to soften & moisturise my cuticles
Applied cuticle remover, to help remove / dissolve some excess cuticle
Pushed back & clipped my excess cuticle
Washed the cuticle remover off of my nails

I applied one moderate coating of Orly Nailtrition to each nail, and was pleasantly surprised. Once it had dried, my nails felt quite silky to touch and had a subtle, healthy glow!

Overall, I would give Orly Nailtrition:
5 / 5 Stars!

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