Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Review: Nail Art Sourcebook by Pansy Alexander-Potter & Mineko Sugita

I received this book for review from Presents For Men, which gave me the final push to create this blog in the first place!

In just over 250 pages, the Nail Art Sourcebook covers just about everything from simple polka dots to three dimensional duck nail art, animal prints to Chinese calligraphy, and more!

The nail art is separated into seven categories: Floral, Graphic, Pictures & Themes, Glitter & Metallic, Jewelled, Romantic & Bridal and Three Dimensional.

The majority of the large, featured designs in this book are accompanied by small hints, tips and descriptions, which whilst they explain the images well, they didn't really explain how to achieve the actual nail design from basecoat to topcoat.

The introduction in the Nail Art Sourcebook includes simple How To's & explanations of Gel and Acrylic nails, but unfortunately they left me desperately craving more advice on how to create the more intricate nail art featured in this book.

Overall, I love the concept of Pansy Alexander-Potter & Mineko Sugita's Nail Art Sourcebook but I would have liked to have had at least a few basecoat to topcoat tutorials included with the more detailed designs.

As a result, I would give the Nail Art Sourcebook by Pansy Alexander-Potter & Mineko Sugita:
4/5 Stars!

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